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The Truth about the Tithe by R. Renee

Free Yourself from the Tithe
New Bible Study Shatters Myth of the Christian Tithe

The man-made Tithe Doctrine mixes Old Testament Law with New Testament Grace. This false doctrine creates confusion about the tithe, places a financial burden on many believers, and prevents Christians from applying New Testament principles of giving under Grace.

The Truth about the Tithe is a Bible commentary focused on the tithe and the Old Testament Law of Moses. It is a precise, clearly written book that includes three lessons, plus a bonus lesson. The Truth about the Tithe explains what the biblical tithe is (and what it isn’t), provides biblical proof that the modern-day tithe (10 percent of your income) is not what God wants, and reassures Christian believers that the tithe was never intended for them.

Starting now…

• Break free from the financial and emotional demands tithing places on you
• Protect yourself from false teachers who promote tithing
• Walk in the blessing of Spirit-led, freewill giving…as God intended

After reading The Truth about the Tithe, you’ll discover the long held beliefs about the tithe have placed Christians under the curse of the Law. Embrace biblical truth. Christ set you free from the Law – and the tithe.

Please download it now. Read it. Share it. Review it.

The Truth about the Tithe is based on the book The Tithing Hoax: Exposing the Lies, Misinterpretations & False Teachings about Tithing, which is also available on Kindle.

Want more Bible-based answers to your tithe questions? Download it today.