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Toby Ripwood in The Dark Sphere Enigma by Paul Roberts

Life is hard for the young and inquisitive Toby Ripwood.
His life is plagued by the loss of his parents, feeling unloved and unwanted, deadly and powerful secrets overcome him, but after discovering a hidden bizarre world, the world of Aurorithia. He eventually learns that he has an inner ancient powerful ability within himself, a connection to an even greater mystery – The Dark Sphere.
He encounters new and amazing friends along the way on his unique and dangerous adventure with hidden twists and turns at every corner.
But, whilst facing his own personal inner demons, he encounters an eerie group – a terrifying group of monsters – the screaming hollows, merely puppeteers to a much more evil force of darkness. An insanely wicked self taught master of the dark energy that, unknown to Toby, has caused misery in his life a long time ago.
Everything starts to unravel as he and his new trusted allies embark on the journey to stop the darkness from using him to find Aurorithia’s hidden secrets, but on their way they uncover more than just mysteries…