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Toxic: Incredible Pictures and Fun Facts about the Most Poisonous Animals in the World by Darwin Adams

In TOXIC, stunning photos help introduce children and adults to some of the most interesting (and dangerous) creatures in the world.

Did you know that there is a snail that has a sting that can be fatal to humans?

Did you know that there is a frog with enough poison on its skin to kill 10 to 20 humans?

Did you know that there is 150 pound lizard with toxic saliva?

Did you know that there is a South American Caterpillar with venom that can kill?

TOXIC’s high-quality, real-life photos attract kids right away, and the unbelievable fun facts will keep them reading until the end of the book. And, although this book is presented in a kid-friendly style, older children and adults will also find the photos and information compelling.

If you and your child like animals and nature then you’ll enjoy learning all about these incredible poisonous and venomous creatures from the land, sea and air.
… and when they’re done, they’ll want to read it again and again, proving that kids can learn and have fun at the same time.

Some of the 27 creatures featured in this book include:

• The DeathStalker Scorpion
• The Boomslang
• The Redback Spider
• The Mexican Beaded Lizard
• The Solenodon
• The Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake
• The Irukandji Jellyfish
• The Golden Poison Dart Frog
• The Greater Blue-Ringed Octopus
• Sydney Funnel-Web Spider
• Lonomia Caterpillar
• The Coastal Taipan
• The Hooded Pitohuli

Whether you are a parent looking for an entertaining and informative book for your child, a grandparent wanting to get something special for your grandchild, or if you are just in need of a great resource of information for your school project, TOXIC is a great choice.