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What’s Death Got To Do With Living? Discover the Other Side of Reality, Consciousness and the Afterlife by Nano Daemon

Discover the Answers to Life’s Greatest Questions

What is life? What is death? What is consciousness?

Discover the answers to these questions and more…

Discover the Mysteries of Life and Death and Much More

Ever wondered about the mysteries of life and death, the nature of reality, consciousness, the world of dreams and the afterlife, and how these are interrelated?

And how is it that an ant knows how to be an ant, a tree knows how to be a tree, but a human being does NOT know how to be a human being? S/He strives to become a human doing, a human having, in an effort to become a human being. S/He is geared to learn and earn.

The Q&A Book is a series of 3 books designed to unlock the mysteries of life & death, consciousness, the nature of reality, the secret of dreams and their relationship to the afterlife, offering a new and unsuspected perspective on life’s challenging questions.

Each book in the series covers 10 major questions to acquaint you with the various faculties inherently in our makeup, and designed to create a shift in perception which will provide the keys to opening up the portals to the other dimensions of reality.

Above the 5 sense of touch, seeing, hearing, taste and smell, that we humans share in common with the animal kingdom, we are all endowed with 5 higher senses, reserved for mankind, that we need to access.

These faculties, which lie dormant and need to be activated in a bid for us to become Co-Creators with the Universe, require a drastic shift in consciousness which can only take place when we dislodge ourselves from the patterns of belief that keep us locked in our current predicament, the meaning we attach to words, and our understanding of the Nature of Reality.

Discover the R/Evolutionary ANSWERS to Life’s Big QUESTIONS.

Questions in this series:


Q1 – What is the Nature of Reality?
Q2 – What is Life?
Q3 – What is Death?
Q4 – What is Consciousness?
Q5 – What is an Altered State of Consciousness?
Q6 – What is the Astral?
Q7 – What is Karma?
Q8 – What is Free Will?
Q9 – What is Conscience?
Q10 – What is Intuition?

About The Author

After running successful businesses in home renovations, the fashion industry, then the manufacture of garden fountains, ornaments and the reproduction of antiques, Nano then turned her attention to personal development and spirituality.

Daemon now focuses entirely on her passion, which is the study of the mind, exploring the nature of reality, consciousness, altered states of consciousness, astral travel and lucid dreams, as she navigates her way through life and beyond and connects with mystique and the mysterious.
Nano lives in Australia and writes from personal experience.

She is currently under contract with Balboa House (a division of Hay House) writing about the adventures, misadventures and events that conspired to make a writer out of her, leaving her wondering “Is Life predetermined?” and sending her on a wild “Search for the Clues”.
She is also in the process of publishing a Q&A Series of 3 Books, offering some R/Evolutionary ANSWERS to Life’s Big QUESTIONS, in joint venture with TCK Publishing, entitled “WHAT’S DEATH GOT TO DO WITH LIVING? Discover the Other Side of Reality, Consciousness and the Afterlife.