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Where Is Silly Bear? (He’s Super!) A Children’s Rhyming Picture Book, Baby Books to First Readers

Where is Silly Bear

Best Selling Baby Picture Rhyming Book Full of Color and Fun

You’ll love it!

  • 30 delightful, funny and colorful illustrations bring this baby book to life on a tablet
  • Lyrical rhythm and clever rhyming is guaranteed to captivate your toddler
  • Simple words make this an ideal ‘learn to read’ book for young school children

“One of the cutest baby books I’ve seen in a long time. The bears are adorable …”

  • Simple and clever rhyming text that will be fun to read over and over
  • An entertaining way for learning the basic concepts of opposites within a fun adventure
  • An interactive short story that will keep your toddler guessing the next page