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Whoopie Pie Promise – Book 3 (The Whoopie Pie Juggler: An Amish of Lancaster County Saga series)

Tragedy Comes To Hope Crossing

When Lilly races into the Troyer’s kitchen distraught about the sudden disappearance of Jessup, Rebecca and Simon can hardly believe it. She says he left suddenly and without a word, and as Simon sets out to find him, old, croon Ruth pipes up with hateful, embarrassing words about Lilly’s love for Simon.
˃˃˃ Lilly’s Past Love For Simon Is No Secret! With Jessup’s Help She’s Moved On

While Rebecca may not believe that Lilly is over Simon, her obvious misery over Jessup’s departure forges a bond between them as the whereabouts of Lilly’s second choice for a husband stretches out before them. When Jessup is found dead by a bear attack, Lilly crumbles and returns her attentions to her first and only love, Simon. The results are tragic and threaten to rip the community asunder.